World Wide Network

Originally formed as British Vita, today's Vita Group operates worldwide with some 36 sites in 14 countries. It supplies a range of materials for a host of industries including automotive, construction, media, medical and packaging. It is widely considered a market leader in many of these.

Like VLP, the Vita Group prides itself on working with its customers to provide them with innovative, quality products, making it the ideal community to take VLP's products into the global market.

VLP specialises in the manufacture of innovative and technologically sophisticated products, which harness the versatility of polymers by blending additives with base polymers to enhance their properties and performance. Whatever the remit, a compound can be developed that precisely matches application requirements.

The aim of the Vita Group is simple. It aspires to be the best in every market in which it operates by giving its customers what they want in every way possible from timescale to quality and cost.