Industrial placements continue at VLP

10 Dec 2018

VLP is continuing to benefit from engaging with Step Graduate Recruitment as part of the company's longer term succession planning.

Scott Hardy, after completing his 2nd year at Sheffield Hallam University studying Chemistry, joined VLP at Wythenshawe on a year's industry placement in September.

Currently working in Quality Control/Quality. Scott is performing inspection testing, assisting in technical investigations and process improvements as well as contributing in Vita Towards Zero safety improvement initiatives.

Scott Hardy

Scott Hardy joined VLP for a year as part of his degree.

During the remainder of his placement Scott will get involved in development work with latex, PVC and polyurethane products alongside the Technical team. Since his arrival, Scott has made a valuable contribution and the plan is to continue with this successful initiative in future years.

Technical Manager John Grimshaw said:

'Scott joined VLP through the Step Recruitment partnership following the successful completion of last year's programme. It has proved to greatly benefit both the company and the student. The continuation of the partnership has enabled VLP to identify excellent candidates who can gain valuable industrial experience as well as develop their future employment opportunities.'