Company profile

Vita Liquid Polymers (VLP) began life as Rubber Latex Limited in 1932 with a vision of supplying ground breaking rubber products to industry, particularly in the textile, furnishing and medical markets. More than half a century later, given it's wealth of experience in the industry, the company was integrated into the internationally acclaimed Vita Group.

Formed over 65 years ago as British Vita, the Vita Group now operates worldwide with someĀ 36 sites inĀ 14 countries. It supplies a range of materials for a host of industrial applications and is a market leader in many of these. As a group which too prides itself on working with its customers to provide them with innovative quality products, it seemed an ideal community to bring Rubber Latex Limited into the global market. With synergy in mind, in 1987 VLP was born.

VLP specialises in the manufacture of innovative and technologically sophisticated products which harness the versitality of polymers by blending additives with base polymers to enhance their properties and performance. Whatever the remit, a compound can be developed that precisely matches application requirements. To this end, VLP's current portfolio comprises four distinct brands: VitaBond, VitaChem, VitaPlas and VitaPur.