Product Range

Vita Liquid Polymers’ portfolio currently boasts four distinct brands each of which has a subset of specialist products. These products lend themselves to a diverse range of applications in a variety of end-use markets. From water repellent latex for the outdoors to wood adhesives for furniture in the home; solvents for tyre remoulds to plastisols for prosthetic limbs – VLP has the expertise, technology and capacity to create a compound to suit any purpose.

VLP boasts a wide knowledge base and, with such a massive source of skill and information in-house, it has become a market leader in many industries. It is renowned in the fields of print finishing applications and gel foam technologies, is recognised as a preferred partner for wallpaper manufacture and a global leader in fire retardant aircraft carpet technology and is leading the way for introducing new technologies into the sector.

VLP is also engaged in the ongoing campaign to reduce the amount of harmful and restricted raw materials entering the environment. As well as introducing a range of, primarily, water-based technology in adhesives applications, it is also leading a re-engineering programme for existing customers to improve efficiencies and reduce waste, which in turn will add value to end product manufacture.